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July Monthly Webinar – Making Payroll Easier for You! 

It’s payroll time again! And we all know how important payroll is to everyone. We want you to get your payroll done right, so please join us and make sure you know how to retrieve the correct information from THEbenefitsHUB and use it for your payroll needs.
Learning Objectives:

  • How to run a payroll report from THEbenefitsHUB
  • How to run a companion report
  • Other tips and tricks

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

We’ll discuss the different payroll reports in the following order:

  • TxEIS
  • Skyward
  • Standard Payroll


Vimmy Patel 
Training Coordinator, Benefits Technology
Madelyn Sanchez 
Account Representative, Benefits Technology


Benny HUBster

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