12 Days of Christmas – Tip #5


Have you ever heard a Client Service  team member say to you that the benefit was “wholly terminated” and you weren’t quite sure what that meant?  When you run an employee’s Enrollment History Report  under the employee’s Benefit Plan Information icon, select a plan type and then check the box that says “Show terminated elections.”  Not only does the Enrollment History Report display wholly terminated elections for the employee, it also displays a definition of what  exactly that term means at the very bottom of the page which states:

“A wholly terminated election is an election record that has been eliminated, or deleted from the system. This is done by entering a termination date that is one day prior to the election record’s effective date.”

To learn more about wholly terminated benefits, you may visit the Training Guide located under your Administration Dashboard or contact your Account Representative or Implementer.

This tip was brought to you by one of our newest Account Representatives,
Tiffany Thomas


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