Enhancement Release Webinar

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of THEbenefitsHUB system updates! Please join us for this 45 minute webinar to learn about all of the new features in the system. These are the topics of discussion: New features inside THEbenefitsHUB How these new features will change your day to day in the system Q&A Webinar Details: May … Continue reading Enhancement Release Webinar

5 Reasons Why a Dependent May Not Be Eligible

Has an employee ever come to you during their Open Enrollment stating that they cannot view their dependent on an election page? Well, there are actually five fields that drive eligibility for dependents which include: Date of Birth Marital Status Child Type (This child is my) Disability Status (Is this Dependent Disabled?) Student Status (Indicate … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why a Dependent May Not Be Eligible