We are back!

  We recently had to conduct unexpected maintenance on THEbenefitsHUB. Our team has worked hard and quickly to get the system back up for you. We are up and running! You are now able to access THEbenefitsHUB. We apologize for any inconvenience the maintenance may have caused. If you have any questions or concerns, please do … Continue reading We are back!

5 Easy Ways You Can Be Healthier In The Office

When you spend your whole day in an office, you probably wonder how you can practice healthy habits on the reg. Well, good news! It’s not hard to work healthy habits into your daily routine, you just need to know what to do. Check out our 5 tips below on how you can be healthier … Continue reading 5 Easy Ways You Can Be Healthier In The Office

Open Enrollment – New Hire Quick Report

  The new plan year often brings new hires, so for the closing post in our Open Enrollment series, we’re going to highlight your new hires! Tracking those new employees can sometimes be difficult, but THEbenefitsHUB is here to help! The New Hire Quick Report available in the system assists you in viewing information specifically … Continue reading Open Enrollment – New Hire Quick Report

Open Enrollment – Login Statistics Quick Report

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, Open Enrollment, is here! While we would love all employees to log in on that first day and walk-through their enrollment, it doesn’t always happen. THEbenefitsHUB has tools that can help! The Login Statistics Quick Report can help pinpoint where your employees are in the process. There are … Continue reading Open Enrollment – Login Statistics Quick Report

Open Enrollment – Login Support

Open Enrollment always brings with it the potential for employees to need help logging into the system.  While all employee passwords are reset prior to every Open Enrollment, employees may still have issues logging in. Here are some ways to excel at login support! Ensure that your company’s login instructions are being followed If employees … Continue reading Open Enrollment – Login Support

Open Enrollment – Beneficiary Page

You may have noticed our Beneficiary Page looks a little different. This is your feedback at work! Validation points have been added to the page to help ensure  the beneficiary information your employees are entering in matches the required criteria. For more information, take a look at our most recent Release Notes, 5.6.2, on this … Continue reading Open Enrollment – Beneficiary Page

Open Enrollment – Double Walk-through?

New Hires are extra special during Open Enrollment! They will not only be asked to go through their New Hire walk-through for any currently effective benefits, but they will also get to walk-through the Open Enrollment for future benefits. A New Hire’s Open Enrollment walk-through will look like this: New Hire Enrollment Walk-through Enrollment Preparation … Continue reading Open Enrollment – Double Walk-through?

Open Enrollment – Employee Survey

We want your feedback! There is now a Satisfaction Survey that populates on an employee’s Consolidated Enrollment Form while they are completing their walk-through. This page is a great way to help ensure your voice gets heard for future updates to the system. Please note, this survey is not mandatory, but we greatly appreciate you … Continue reading Open Enrollment – Employee Survey

Open Enrollment – Enrollment Preparation Page

Enrollment Preparation Page We have added something amazing to Open Enrollments this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, the Enrollment Preparation Page will show your employees what benefits have been prepared for the new plan year and what benefits, if any, need to be looked at for their Open Enrollment walk-through. The page will … Continue reading Open Enrollment – Enrollment Preparation Page