Available Courses

Earn access to THEbenefitsHUB with a valid email address and 90 minutes of short videos to learn all about a day in the life in THEbenefitsHUB.

HUBster Orientation Lesson

HUBster Orientation is a welcome series for new users to THEbenefitsHUB and provides navigational insight to the system.

Campus Life

During this lesson we review and practice the day to day scenarios you will be approached with throughout the plan year. allsynx will provide guidance on how to handle these situations within THEbenefitsHUB by discussing different tools available to administers and beneficial enhancements.

Advanced Studies

During Advanced Studies, you will be introduced to all of the additional features in THEbenefitsHUB including communication tools, advanced reporting, and other exciting secrets.

Our training course consists of three video series, HUBster Orientation, Campus Life, and Advanced Studies.  Each video is 20 minutes or less, with a total of two hours of training. But don’t worry!  You can watch these videos on your schedule. You have the ability to pause them and come back later to continue them.  Once you have completed all videos, you will be granted full access to THEbenefitsHUB. If you are a current Admin User in the system, your access will remain the same and these classes will act as refreshers for you.

After this course you will be able to complete the following in THEbenefitsHUB:

–  Provide Login Support

–  Manage Employee Administration

–  Acquire Functionalities of Company Reporting

–  Other Various Features

–  You must complete all videos in order to obtain access to THEbenefitsHUB.

–  Remember to enter the most accurate information in the registration links. If any contact information is incorrect this may prohibit you from being able to join the webinars.

–  All attendees requesting access must register for the videos separately due to interactive quizzes and access to the system.

–  All videos must be taken within a 90 day window, or you will be requested to repeat all classes before access is updated.

–  If you have any questions during the classes, you may submit a question by emailing us at learn@allsynx.com or by clicking ‘Contact Us’ in the menu above.

Let us know what you think of the classes, and Happy Learning!

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