TRS – File Feed Schedule

Need a reminder on the TRS/THEbenefitsHUB file schedule?  Then check this out!

A Friendly Reminder About Discrepancies

A friendly reminder from Benny HUBster…

How to Avoid Discrepancies

Did you attend yesterday’s webinar about Data Continuation?  If not, that’s okay.  You can watch the recording in THEbenefitsHUB which will be made available before the end of the week.  During the webinar we discussed how to avoid the discrepancies that could appear on your Data Continuation Report.  Check this out to learn more about some of our friendly tools!


12 Days of Christmas – A Very Merry Export

Exports are pretty great, but what’s even better? Being able to see history of files sent over to your carriers! Did you know you may access your exports file history using:

  • EDI File Viewer: This page will show you active and inactive exports for your company. If you have Automatic Demographic Import (ADI) set up for your company this is the page you would come to grab those discrepancy reports.
  • Export Summary: This page is great to see all of you active exports and when they are scheduled to deliver. You will also find the first date this export was sent, and sometimes, there may be a date present for the last scheduled date for a particular export.

The Export File History will show you multiple things along with the delivery status. Keep in mind though, if a file does say “failed,” typically, it’ll be because our EDI Team is hard at work testing files for you!

To learn more about your Exports, check out our August Monthly webinar from under your HUB University icon or you may always contact your Account Representative or Implementer.

12 Days of Christmas – Joy to the Plan Eligibility

Wake up in the middle of the night wondering what makes an employee eligible for benefits? Tossing and turning to know if it’s their zip code, or if certain eligibility rules apply for a specific benefit plan? Log onto THEbenefitsHUB and check out the Benefit Summary page which will display exactly how a benefit plan is built for your company. Once on the page, just click on a plan name, and it will populate general information about the benefit, as well as the plan’s eligibility rules!

To learn more about plan eligibility in THEbenefitsHUB, you may visit the Training Guide located under your HUB University icon or contact your Account Representative or Implementer.

12 Days of Christmas – How the IMNS Lowered Discrepancies (On Exports)


Learn more about payroll resources on THEbenefitsHUB!

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Did you know that there are many reports in THEbenefitsHUB that help you with payroll?

If you do not utilize one of our many types of payroll reports, ask your Account Representative or Implementer who can give you the inside scoop about our Standard Payroll report.

To learn more about payroll reports, you may also visit the Training Guide located under the HUB University Icon.

Make sure all your employees complete their open enrollment!

Taking Care of Business – IMNS Business!

Don’t forget to check your Ineligible Member Notification System (IMNS) Dashboard every day to every other day to make sure you do not have too many notifications waiting for your attention during this Open Enrollment season.

To learn more about the IMNS Dashboard, you may visit the Training Guide located under the HUB University Icon or contact your Account Representative or Implementer.

How to Manage Your Company’s Information Securely

Did you know you have an FTP Site in THEbenefitsHUB for your convenience?  If not, check this out.