Advanced Studies

This course is for HUBsters who are ready to learn some of the more intricate features of the system.

Course Information:

Advanced Studies (30016):
Spring 2016
Instructional Method: Webinar

Contact Information:
Amber O’Reilly
Trainer, Benefits Technology

Vimmy Patel
Training Coordinator, Benefits Technology

Course Pre-requisites
HUBster Orientation and Campus Life training course must be completed prior to attending an Advanced Studies course.

Course Description:
Advance Studies training courses can include one or multiple courses below.  These courses are to further develop your knowledge of additional features and enhancements of THEbenefitsHUB.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
Upon completion of the course, the HUBster user should be able to understand and gain further knowledge of the:

  1. Secrets of the Administration Dashboard
  2. Functionality of Company Communication
  3. Special Topics in Employee Administration
  4. Management of Evidence of Insurability
  5. Fundamentals of HUB Reporting
  6. Principles of Carrier Integration

Course Topics (Additional courses will be added to the list based on upcoming THEbenefitsHUB Releases):

Course Code Course Name
AD201 Enrollment Statistics
AD221 Login Statistics
AD301 Benefit Summary
AD302 Company Summary
AD303 EDI File Viewer
AD304 Export Summary
AD305 File History
AD306 FTP File Access
AD307 Session History
AD401 Auto Imports
AD402 General Payroll File
AD403 Validate File
AD404 Auto Import Discrepancy Report
CC301 Email Broadcast & Archive
CC302 Employee Handbook
CC303 Forms
CC304 Forms Library
CC305 New Hire Email
CC306 New Hire Email Reminder
CC307 New Hire Email Settings
CC308 News & Bulletins
CI401 Allstate EOI
CI402 OneAmerica EOI
CR301 Consolidated Billing
CR302 Dependent Census
CR303 Employee Census
CR304 MGM Standard Payroll
CR306 My Report History
CR307 New Hire Email Report
CR308 Payroll Deduction
CR309 Payroll Deduction Changes
CR310 Plan Comparison
CR312 Plan Enrollment
CR313 Plan Enrollment (3.2.5)
CR314 Report Fields
CR315 Reports
CR316 Skyward
CR401 Add/Change/Term
CR402 Benefit Level Comparison
CR403 Benefit Renewal Opportunities
CR404 Billing Report History
CR405 Carrier Billing
CR406 Dependent Enrollment
CR407 Employee COB
CR408 Employee Eligibility
CR409 Employee Journal
CR410 Employee Spending Credits
CR411 Employee Survey
CR412 Import Validation
CR413 Imputed Income
CR414 Plan Summary
CR415 Reviews
CR416 System Utilization
EA301 Approve Coverage
EA302 Benefit Offering Page
EA303 Change Division with Division Eligibility
EA304 Create a Directory Item for an Employee
EA305 Deny Coverage
EA306 Emergency
EA307 Employment Reviews
EA308 EOI Reminders
EA309 Evidence of Insurability
EA310 Partial Approval/Denial Coverage
EA311 Print Forms
EA312 Send Manual New Hire Email
EA401 Directory
EA402 Forms Tracking
EA403 Statement of Benefits
GS401 How to Use V-Lookup

Completion Policy:

In order to receive a completion for this course, attendance and participation is required.