HUBster Orientation

These are the “basics”; we’re talking about your system passwords, adding employees to the system, profile changes and so forth. If you’re new to THEbenefitsHUB, this is must have information.

Course Information:

HUBster Orientation (10016):
Spring 2016
Instructional Method: Webinar

Contact Information:
Amber O’Reilly
Trainer, Benefits Technology

Vimmy Patel
Training Coordinator, Benefits Technology

Course Description:
HUBster Orientation is a welcome course for new users to THEbenefitsHUB and provide navigational insight to the system.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, the HUBster should be able to:

  1. To gain a general understanding of the navigation of THEbenefitsHUB.
  2. Ability to add and search for an employee, spouse, and/or child.
  3. To identify and search for elections, history, and demographic information in the Employee Administration.
  4. To develop Login Support skills utilizing THEbenefitsHUB.


Course Code Course Name
AD101 Admin Change Password
AD102 Release Notes
AD103 Training Guide
EA101 Add Employee
EA102 Adding a Child
EA103 Adding a Spouse
EA106 Consolidated Enrollment Form
EA107 Edit Employee
EA109 File Cabinet
EA110 Forgot Password
EA111 General Overview of Employee Administration
EA112 History File
EA113 Password
EA115 Profile
EA201 Additional Information Fields
EA202 Profile Change
GS101 Employee Benefit Portal
GS102 Employee Walkthrough
GS103 General Concept of THEbenefitsHUB
GS104 Login Support
AD222 User Locks
EA215 Declination

Completion Policy:
In order to receive a completion for this course, attendance and participation is required.