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This course consist of three lessons, HUBster Orientation, Campus Life, and Advanced Studies.  Once you have completed all three webinars, you will be granted full access to THEbenefitsHUB. If you are a current Admin User in the system, your access will remain the same and these classes will act as refreshers for you.

After this course you will able to complete the following in THEbenefitsHUB:

  • Provide Login Support
  • Manage Employee Administration
  • Acquire Functionalities of Company Reporting
  • And Other Various Features

In order to receive a completion for this course, make sure you click the “Completed” button at the bottom of each lesson.

HUB University Guidelines

  • Remember to enter the most accurate information in the registration links. If any contact information is incorrect this may prohibit you from being able to join the webinars.
  • All attendees requesting access must join the webinar separately due to interactive quizzes and access to the system.
  • Both classes must be taken within a 90 day window, or you will be requested to repeat all classes before access is updated.
  • If you have any questions during the classes, you may submit a question through the Q&A section of GoToWebinar or contact us at hubuniversity@thebenefitshub.com.
  • Introduction to THEbenefitsHUB 

    During this class you will be introduced to THEbenefitsHUB and how to handle login support calls

    • HUBster Orientation
  • Managing Employee Updates 

    In this section you will learn how to manage your employees' records and update benefits.

    • Campus Life
  • Reporting & More 

    This section will further develop your knowledge of additional features and enhancements of THEbenefitsHUB.

    • Advanced Studies

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