Daily Tip #9: Emails in THEbenefitsHUB? Yes please!

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Did you know there are several advantages on having your employees’ email addresses entered into THEbenefitsHUB?  Check out the list below to learn about it:

  • When they are a New Hire they will receive notifications on how to log into THEbenefitsHUB and receive reminders as well if you have the New Hire Email feature turned on for your company.
  • If there are employee emails in THEbenefitsHUB, you are able to reach out to them when sending an Email Broadcast.
  • You are also able to reach out to them to remind them to complete their Evidence of Insurability.
  • During Open Enrollment, you can reach out to employees based on their login status and remind them to complete their online enrollment.
  • And of course, if you have your employees’ email addresses in THEbenefitsHUB then you are able to pull email addresses in many of our Company Reports.

This tip was brought to you by our Client Services Team Lead,

Natalie Cleaver


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