Here Come Fresh Updates!

Hub University has made two changes recently in order to make learning experience for everyone more efficient. With this comes:

  1. Updates on How to join Training Webinar: we hear your concerns and will always make sure your training process is seamless. We have made updates to the HUB University blog’s navigation bar, where you will now notice “Gaining Access to THEbenefitsHUB.” That will hold everything you need in order to get trained on THEbenefitsHUB and receive access. Also, just for you all, we have a video on the page as well to assist you.
  2. March Core Webinar Time Change: This one is pretty simple! All we have done is push the webinar time from 2 PM CDT to 1 PM CDT. We hope to see all of you join us and learn more about Discrepancies and how to handle those.


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to HUB University through our blog, or even email us at



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