Project Type: Training Enhancement Release

Training Enhancements

Handouts Before the Webinars

Ever wonder if we read your survey responses? Well, wonder no more! Thanks to your valuable feedback, we’re going to make our webinar handouts available for you to review and take notes- BEFORE the webinar begins. All you have to do is register any day prior to the actual event (preferably when you get our …

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Weekly HUB University Webinars

Are you new to THEbenefitsHUB and need to learn not only how the system works, but how to utilize best for your company?  HUB University’s very first enhancement was our Weekly webinars.  During these webinars, we take you through the life of our company mascot, Benny HUBster.  In this three part series, you not only …

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HUB University Blog

With social media taking over the world, we decided to join the party too.  Not only did we announce our blog with training tips and tricks about THEbenefitsHUB, we also launched our Twitter account, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.  If you aren’t following us yet, check us out on one or all of our social media …

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Monthly Webinars

Monthly Webinars were inspired by you.  Common questions came up at the same time every year throughout the year, so we created the Monthly Webinars discussing pertinent topics for the time of year.  Have a topic idea?  Let us know, and you may see that very learning objective mentioned during an upcoming webinar. Amber O'Reilly

Training Guide

Everyone loves a quick look up of how to complete a task or how a feature works, so we created the Training Guide feature in THEbenefitsHUB which allows you to easily locate one or more training topics in THEbenefitsHUB.  These topics are broken up by our training classes, and updated frequently as we enhance our …

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Webinar Registrations

You asked for easy access to webinar registration links, and we said yes!  Now you can easily register for any of our upcoming webinars throughout the year instead of searching through your email or requesting the link. Amber O'Reilly

Training Tutorials

Are you a visual or audible learner?  Is it easier to watch a video to learn something rather than read instructions?  Same for us!  Here at MGM Benefits we created just the thing for you.  Now in our Training Guide there are not just documentation on how to complete an action in THEbenefitsHUB, but there …

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Webinar Recordings

You talked and we listened.  You asked for recordings of the webinars, and we put them in THEbenefitsHUB just for you to watch in case you missed the webinar or if you want to listen to the training again.  Keep the suggestions coming, and you might see an idea for yours in our next training …

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Study Hall Webinars

Hot of the press and directly to you, we will host Study Hall webinars to teach you the latest trends, new rules, and any other fresh topics.  If you ever have a great idea for a webinar, let us know, and you may say that topic on one of our upcoming webinars. Amber O'Reilly

Release Webinars

Everyone enjoys reading the Release Notes sent out the day we have released enhancements into THEbenefitsHUB, but learning from on a webinar hosted by one of our trainers with exactly how the enhancement works that accompanies the Release Notes makes everything easier! Amber O'Reilly

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