Registering for Full Access

HUBster Bachelor’s Degree
(Full Access to THEbenefitsHUB)

This degree can be earned for those who need full access to THEbenefitsHUB in order to:

  • Provide Login Support
  • Manage Employee Administration
  • Acquire Functionalities of Company Reporting
  • And Other Various Features

This degree can be captured in the classes, HUBster Orientation, Campus Life, and Advanced Studies.  Training consists of three webinars that will last approximately 1 hour. Once you have completed all three webinars, you will be granted full access to THEbenefitsHUB. If you are a current Admin User in the system, your access will remain the same and these classes will act as refreshers for you.  Please note that classes must be taken in a sequential order. If one class is missed, the succeeding classes must be rescheduled as well. Please see the additional guidelines proceeding the registration links below.

Click the buttons below in order to view the corresponding class:

HUB University Guidelines

  • Remember to enter the most accurate information in the registration links.  If any contact information is incorrect this may prohibit you from being able to join the webinars.
  • All attendees requesting access must join the webinar separately due to interactive quizzes and access to the system.
  • All three classes must be taken within a 90 day window, or you will be requested to repeat all classes before access is updated.
  • If you have any questions during the classes, you may submit a question through the Q&A section of GoToWebinar or contact us at

Great webinars. As a newcomer it had a lot of really good information and the person teaching did not assume that the user should know certain things, very in-depth.

Thank you!  I would not do a very good job if I didn’t do the webinars.  I know I can log in and see help notes, but with the hustle and bustle of the day I run out of time.  I even forget that they are available sometimes.  The scheduled webinar makes me actually stop … Continue reading

This was extremely helpful and I am excited because I now feel confident answering the questions the employees might have.

Very informative and a great refresher. It has been a few years since we used the HUB; I have always found the HUB to be very user friendly which makes my job run a lot smoother. Thank you.

Hub University Webinar is helpful to understanding how this tool helps Administrators,  Brokers, enrollers, and employees.  Also it is good to know you can refer back to a certain month’s presentation and get a more full detail.

I am thankful for these webinars. I have a lot going on and with it being my first year I forget things. The webinars help me to do a better job.

I enjoyed all the classes and gives me a background now to go into the system and navigate and experiment with the different options that are available to me as a benefits administrator.