TRS & THEbenefitsHUB

Amy Newton

Amy Newton has been with MGM since 2003, and has spent 13 years with the Benefits Technology department. This is Amy’s second year as BT’s TRS Liaison, where she is in direct contact with Aetna, bswift, and you, our TRS clients. You may have met her at any of the BA meetings this year or last as we all learned the new TRS plans.

THEbenefitsHUB has housed TRS ActiveCare Medical plans in the system since the beginning of our enrollment platform. We have over 500 TRS school districts in THEbenefitsHUB, so having a TRS Liaison contributes to our success as the biggest TPA TRS works with.  

Having such a high number of school districts in the system, it is important for us to maintain our system tools in order to accommodate your TRS needs. These tools include:

  • Employee Eligibility Report – When you run the Employee Eligibility Report on an employee’s benefit, you will be able to view the benefit name, the effective period, the eligibility date, whether an election exists, if the employee is currently enrolled, or if the employee is currently eligible, and if not, why.
  • IMNS Dashboard – The Ineligible Member Notification System Dashboard, also known as the IMNS Dashboard, is your notification system of discrepancies and other alerts that you need to take a look at. It helps you stay up to date on your employees and keep track of any uh-ohs you may have within the system.
  • Benefit Summary – The Benefit Summary allows you to view a snapshot of what is built in THEbenefitsHUB for your company. When clicking on the benefit name of another benefit, it will allow you to view the associated benefit information. This includes: general information, coverage information, rates, and eligibility information.
  • Export Summary – The export summary provides you an exports name, first production file for the plan year, schedule name, run frequency, and the last scheduled date.
  • History File – In the History File, you are able to view emails and reminders sent over to an employee. Also, if your company has the OneAmerica integration, the History File shows you when the EOI page was viewed, when employees complete each section and even when the coverage summary was saved in their File Cabinet.