November Webinar: Sharpen Your Skills With Qualifying Events

Life moves pretty fast especially as a benefit administrator when you have to process marriage, a dependent eligibility change, and elect COBRA benefits all in the same day. Have you ever gotten confused on how to elect these benefits? Well, we are here for you. During this 45 minute webinar we will be discussing common Qualifying Events and the various ways to process these changes in THEbenefitsHUB.


• How to add coverage with a birth, marriage, and other qualifying events
• How to remove coverage with a divorce, death, and other qualifying events
• Discuss the tools to use in THEbenefitsHUB to double check your work

Date & Time:

Tuesday, November 14th at 2 PM


Amber O’Reilly, Trainer, Benefits Technology
Vimmy Patel, Training Coordinator, Benefits Technology
Tada Wisener, Implementer, Benefits Technology

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