Love & Qualifying Events – Day Ten

Our time following Sophie’s journey has come to an end! Did you miss our previous Sophie Smith posts? You can view them on our blog at!

Love & Qualifying Events – Day Nine

Check out our graphics below to see what happens to Sophie Smith after she has finished walking through her enrollment process!

Love & Qualifying Events – Day Eight

It is enrollment season for Sophie Smith! Time for her to walk through and elect benefits for herself and her dependents. Check out what happens below!

Love & Qualifying Events – Day Seven

After a lot of thought, Sophie and Jeremy have decided to expand their family again! However, this time they are choosing to look outward and will adopt. They will soon welcome Olivia into their home, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Love & Qualifying Events – Day Six

Our adventure with Sophie Smith continues! Having an active life can lead to a lot of back and forth changes on an account, and sometimes mistakes can be made. Check out what happens to Sophie when she runs into a Duplicate Social Security Number on her profile!

Love & Qualifying Events – Day Five

Do you hear the wedding bells? They are ringing out, because Sophie and Jeremy are getting remarried! What a beautiful day for these two lovebirds.

Love & Qualifying Events – Day Four

When at night do parents change the most diapers? In the wee hours.

Sophie Smith has had a crash course in changing diapers, because her and her ex-husband, Jeremy, have recently had a baby! A happy bouncing baby boy, named Jason! They couldn’t be more excited to start this new chapter in their lives, as a family.

Love & Qualifying Events – Day Three

Sometimes life gives you lemons, so you have to make them into lemonade! That is exactly what Sophie Smith has done, as she moves on with her life post-divorce. When have you made the most out of a situation and been rewarded for it?

Love & Qualifying Events – Day Two

Today on our journey with Sophie Smith, how to process a divorce. Life happens even when you least expect it, so we have to be ready to tackle any request that comes our way!