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HUB Required

THEbenefitsHUB Course

12 Lessons | 95 minutes

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THEbenefitsHUB & TRS

3 Lessons | 93 minutes

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System and Service Knowledge – THExpressHUB

8 Lessons | 32 minutes

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Enroller Required

Enroller – THEbenefitsHUB Full Access Course

12 Lessons | 95 minutes | Gains access to enroll employees, complete benefit changes, and more

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Enroller Required

Enroller – Supporting THEbenefitsHUB Course

6 Lessons | 49 minutes | Gains access to limited employee information

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Process and Procedure Application – Troubleshooting

5 Lessons | 60 minutes

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I am thankful for these webinars. I have a lot going on and with it being my first year I forget things. The webinars help me to do a better job.

Very informative and a great refresher. It has been a few years since we used the HUB; I have always found the HUB to be very user friendly which makes my job run a lot smoother.

Amber and Regan were great at slowly going through and being very thorough in directions and their explanation of doing these things of eligibility and adding spouse or dependents. Thank you ladies for taking the time to show us this!!!

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