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Gaining Access

Learn how you may obtain access to THEbenefitsHUB by completing one of the three classes.

The mission of LEARNsynx is to provide relevant and valuable material about THEbenefitsHUB in an efficient, yet entertaining format that will cater to various teaching methods for all types of users.

I enjoyed all the classes and gives me a background now to go into the system and navigate and experiment with the different options that are available to me as a benefits administrator.
Thank you! I would not do a very good job if I didn’t do the webinars. I know I can log in and see help notes, but with the hustle and bustle of the day I run out of time. I even forget that they are available sometimes. The scheduled webinar makes me actually stop and focus for a little while.
Hub University Webinar is helpful to understanding how this tool helps Administrators, Brokers, enrollers, and employees. Also it is good to know you can refer back to a certain month’s presentation and get a more full detail.
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