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HUB University is our training regimen for all who use THEbenefitsHUB. With HUB University, training courses are sectioned into classes that incorporate fun and interactive problem solving situations. During these classes, your trainers will guide you through the life of Benny HUBster, our very own mascot, and his futuristic “robo-family.” We also offer monthly webinars to review pertinent topics for all users who are interested.


The School of Benefits Technology degrees are for those users who need a general concept of THEbenefitsHUB and many of its features. These are the most common degree plans for all users in THEbenefitsHUB.

HUBster Certificate in The School of Benefits Technology


HUBster Associates in The School of Benefits Technology


HUBster Bachelor’s in The School of Benefits Technology


Required classes must be completed in their entirety within a 90 day window and participation is required in order to receive a login for THEbenefitsHUB

In order to attend any classes, you must have access to join the GoToWebinar through any browser.  You can gain access by registering. Also, you must be able to join the audio portion of the class as well either through your computer or calling into the designated phone number and entering the corresponding meeting ID.

If you have any questions in regards to training you may utilize the Contact Us feature, or email us at hubuniversity@thebenefitshub.com.


  • Remember to enter the most accurate information in the registration links.  If any contact information is incorrect this may prohibit you from being able to join the webinars.
  • All attendees requesting access must join the webinar separately due to interactive quizzes and access to the system.
  • All HUBster Orientation classes must be taken within a 90 day window, or you will be requested to repeat all classes before access is updated.
  • If you have any questions during the classes, you may submit a question through the Q&A section of GoToWebinar or contact us at hubuniversity@thebenefitshub.com.

Training Enhancements

We use your feedback to make your training experience even better. If you ever have an idea please feel free to contact us. Check out the enhancements we have released based on your suggestions.

Your Feedback

I am thankful for these webinars. I have a lot going on and with it being my first year I forget things. The webinars help me to do a better job.
Very informative and a great refresher. It has been a few years since we used the HUB; I have always found the HUB to be very user friendly which makes my job run a lot smoother. Thank you.
This was extremely helpful and I am excited because I now feel confident answering the questions the employees might have.

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