12 Days of Christmas – Tip #12


Many times when researching an employee’s information in THEbenefitsHUB , you’re not sure where to start.  Below are a few tips on where to start your research of an employee:

  • Employee’s History File tells you what has occurred.  When elections are made, edited, or declined it will automatically store in the History File.
  • Employee’s Journal Entry tells you why something has occurred.  This manual feature allows you to enter notes and save attachments which allows you or your broker to determine the reason of a change to the employee’s information.
  • Employee’s Enrollment History Report tells you how something has occurred in regards to the employee’s benefits.  On this report within the employee’s record, you may view how the election was made, waived, or even imported.

To learn more about Employee Administration, you may visit the Training Guide located under your Administration Dashboard or contact your Account Representative or Implementer.

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