Studies have shown that students of all ages can lose up to three months worth of knowledge over the summer. This year, many students have started their summer early with little information about when school will be back to normal again. This extra time may leave you struggling to figure out what to do or how to keep motivated, but we have one word for you: Gamification. We’ve listed some ways how using “gamified” lessons can decrease the impact of ‘Summer Brain’.

Getting Engaged

No, we don’t mean that type of engagement! Gamification creates the opportunity for learners to truly engage with learning in a more informal environment. This informality helps them get more excited about wanting to learn which leads to a greater retention rate.

Here Comes The Fun

I’m sure we’ve all been there trying to coax ourselves into learning a dull topic. Gamification can help in these situations by making learning fun. After all, as learners we are much likelier to enjoy and engage with a learning experience that is entertaining.

Welcome to the Colosseum

Calling all gladiators and competitive players! A large amount of learners are motivated by competition and the thrill of the win. Turning the learning experience into an opportunity for a little friendly competition may prove extremely successful for your learner. The lure of high scores, rewards and leader-board rankings may prove appealing for learners that are competitive in nature.

Cooperation Is Key

Social distancing may mean that in-person groups are off the menu, but organizing an online group can be highly beneficial. Learners can work together to achieve group goals within that competitive environment we mentioned in our last point. Not only will they benefit from the cooperative environment but they’ll also grow their skills in debate, and critical and strategic thinking.

We’ve Got A Winner!

Leaderboards, prizes, and badges can be extremely motivating during the learning process. It creates a definable goal to reach for in order to encourage engagement. Through Gamification, you can outline exactly what the achievements will be for a particular activity.

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