Changing an Employee’s Division (Location) in Four Easy Steps


Have you ever had an employee transfer offices or locations within your company?  I’m sure most of us have.  Well, there are some tips that you’ll want to remember when changing the employees “division” or location in THEbenefitsHUB.

1.  Review the employee’s benefits.  Make sure if they are enrolled in any benefits that are only eligible for their previous division, remove those benefits through a Qualifying Event.
2.  Under the Personal Information icon, click on Division and change the Current Division to the new Division and add the Effective Date.
3.  Review the employee’s benefits again.  If they are newly eligible for a benefit, update their elections accordingly through a Qualifying Event.
4.  Add a Journal Entry.

If you are unsure if your benefits are contingent on your Divisions, contact your broker who will be able to walk you through these changes.

To learn more about changing an employee’s Division, you may visit the Training Guide located under your Administration Dashboard or contact your Account Representative.

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