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Welcome to day one in our six part series over the wonders of the IMNS Dashboard! Today, we’re going to introduce and provide a general overview of the IMNS Dashboard by going through some frequently asked questions.

What is it?

IMNS stands for Ineligible Member Notification System. Its purpose is to keep your employees’ demographics and elections up to date. It allows you to pinpoint potential errors on your group’s export files before they become an issue. Running this report can help you find a wide variety of issues!

Where can I find it?

On the Company Administration Menu, find the admin dashboard and click on it. Select Administrative Tools, and your IMNS Dashboard can be found below!

How do I run it?

Once you’ve opened your IMNS dashboard, select a report to run. If you want anyone in the company meeting the report criteria to appear on your report, leave all divisions selected. If desired, you can limit this report to specific divisions by moving them to the left-hand column. Click ‘Run.’

Clicking the Run button gives you a brief description of the report and the employees you’re looking for. The Edit link next to any employee’s name will take you to their administration menu where the appropriate adjustments can be made – but more on that later.

Cool. What Else?

A nice feature of the IMNS is the ability to convert each report into a CSV file, meaning it can be opened in any spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel. This makes data analysis much easier for you, and allows you to make a visual, like a graph, to process and understand the data a different way! Cool stuff.

Wow, I’ll definitely use this. How often should I check it?

We recommend once daily, but certainly once a week. Stay on top of those discrepancies!

What can I look forward to?

Posts on:

  • Dependent Age Eligibility (Overage Dependents)
  • Inactive Employees with Future Elections
  • Inactive dependents with Active Elections

And more! Stay tuned for a dash of knowledge twice a week!

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