Don’t Limit Yourself to Only Managing Benefits in THEbenefitsHUB: 4 Examples of Employee Documentation


Did you know that within an employee’s record you can document more than just their benefits.  Here are 4 features you can utilize inside THEbenefitsHUB:

  • Emergency Contact Information:  Keep track of all employees’ emergency contact information that allows the employees to enter their updated emergency contact information within their employment walkthrough.
  • Employment Review:  This feature allows you to enter when an employee completes an employment review with their superior including documenting any raises, bonuses, and you can even upload the review document to THEbenefitsHUB for your convenience.
  • Job Title and Description:  You can keep track of all employees’ job titles, flag if they are a supervisor, and their job description within THEbenefitsHUB.
  • Employee Directory:  This is where you can enter the employee’s title and brief description in order to create an employee directory through THEbenefitsHUB.

If you have any questions, or would like one of these features turned on, your Account Representative will be happy to help you!

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