Farewell Vimmy

Most of you know Vimmy Patel, our HUBster Family Webinar Host and Training Coordinator. She is a bright, young lady with a passion for training of all kinds. You would probably recognize her most from our Standard Training sessions and Monthly Webinars. Some of you may have even met her in person at events THEbenefitsHUB has attended.

It is with a saddened heart that I let you know, Vimmy has decided to step away from her current role here at THEbenefitsHUB. With her wedding right around the corner and a full life ahead of her, we wish her the best. Vimmy will always be a part of the HUBster Family and will be missed very much.

Although Vimmy’s extraordinary personality will not be replaceable, we are confident HUB University will continue to grow into something magical. The Monthly Webinar scheduled for March 27th will be cancelled, however, we plan to pick right back up in April. Thank you for your patience during this transition period.

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