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Did you know that you have your very own notification system in THEbenefitsHUB that identifies dependents who have aged out of a benefit? Or employees who need their elections reviewed for various reasons? Ever wished you could catch discrepancies BEFORE data files are sent to the carrier? If so, then attend this month’s webinar and learn how the Ineligible Member Notification System can make your work a little easier.

Learning Objectives:

  • Managing common demographic notifications
  • Reviewing dependent elections that require updates
  • Analyzing common employee election notifications

Webinar Details:
February 21, 2016 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM CST


Amber O’Reilly
Trainer, Benefits Technology
Vimmy Patel
Training Coordinator, Benefits Technology
Maribel Boudreaux
Account Representative, Benefits Technology


Benny HUBster

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