Getting over the Monday Hump

Everyone has felt the Sunday night blues, when you realize that the weekend is over, and you must get ready to go into another work week.

While having these feelings are completely normal, what can you do to help counteract them?

Make Mandatory Down Time:

When you get off work, you are off work. Depending on your company’s seasonal workflow and general work responsibilities, this may not always be an option. But when possible leave your work at work and try something fun for yourself. Whether it’s cooking a new meal, signing up for a new workout class, or starting a new show!

Set Daily Goals:

Getting through your day at work can be work in itself. One way to help your day feel more manageable is to create a list of top goals and tasks that need to be completed each day. Watching the tasks get crossed off as you go through the day will not only give you a sense of accomplishment but will help you feel like you are more in control of what tasks get completed and in what order.

Stand Up!:

Sitting at your desk for a full eight or nine hours can lead to negative side effects to your body and health, such as poor blood circulation, posture problems, and even weakened muscles. So in between working on tasks, take a moment to do a lap around the building. If you don’t have much time, walk to your company’s break room and back. If your desk happens to have sit/stand capabilities that is even better! Make one of your daily goals to stand at your desk for an hour a day, you can make it a game with your coworkers to see who can stand the longest!

Acknowledge Your Importance:

When you get into a rut at work, it can be easy to feel like you get lost in the system. Especially when working for a larger corporation where there can be hundreds of employees in the building. Whether it’s a message you leave on your bathroom mirror or a sticky note on your work computer, it can be helpful to remind yourself you matter in your position. Remember, you were hired for a reason. If they didn’t think you would do well in your job, they would not have hired you.

Check Your Good Day Ratio:

If you seem to be having a lot of bad days in a row, try hard to remember your good days to get you through those bad ones. Remembering a time when you succeeded or received an accommodation will keep you believing you can continue in your position.


None of these ideas are the end all, be all of getting through your Sunday blues, but try them out and see if they work for you. If you find new tricks that you utilize, share them with us at

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