LEARNsynx’s Newest Resource – The Learning Lab

We are excited to announce the newest feature to our LEARNsynx Education Program. Drum roll please…. Introducing THE LEARNING LAB! The Learning Lab is a new knowledge base accessible to anyone subscribed to our LEARNsynx Training Website. Here, you will be exposed to hot topics in professional arenas like Human Resources, Leadership, and Learning and Development. You will also be able to access all system related documentation about THEbenefitsHUB from how to run reports, how to process Qualifying Events, and much more. A one stop shop if you will!

The best part is, these learning materials are available to you in different forms of media. Do you prefer to watch an instructional video? We’ve got you covered. Would you rather learn through a written article? We’ve got that too! The Learning Lab is a “choose your own adventure” type of platform – customized for you, at your convenience.

The Learning Lab will serve as your go-to site when searching for relevant and meaningful information. Complete with clear navigation and a handy search bar, we offer you top notch knowledge at the click of your mouse. Let us know how you like it!

The Learning Lab

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