Refreshing an Employee’s Login Session with Two Clicks

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Have you ever received a phone call from one of your employees stating they have received an error when logging into THEbenefitsHUB, and the error message says they are currently logged into the system?  It’s happened to all of us, even system users.  In order to “kick out” an employee out of THEbenefitsHUB, go to the Login Statistics page under your Administration Dashboard.  Under the third section of the page will be User Locks.  If the employee is currently logged into the system, they will display in this section.  In order to kick them out of the system, click the red “X.”  You will then receive a pop up asking if you would like to remove this session.  click “OK.”  Notify the employee to refresh their login page and try to login again, and they will be able to log into THEbenefitsHUB.

HUBster Tip #1:  The active sessions refresh over a period of time, so if you do not see the employee listed under the User Locks, the system may have automatically refreshed.

HUBster Tip #2:  If you, as an administrator, broker, or system user accidentally lock yourself out of THEbenefitsHUB, contact your Account Representative who will be able to assist you.

To learn more about the User Locks, you may visit the Training Guide located under your Administration Dashboard or contact your Account Representative.

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