2 Fast Ways to Document Changes in an Employee’s Record


Whenever you are making changes to an employee’s record it is always best to document why you made that change. In THEbenefitsHUB we have many tools that will document your change, but what if you wanted to add some additional notes or make the change accessible to the employee? Well, there are two fast ways to document an employee’s record:

  1. Journal Entry – This will tell you why something occurred in an employee’s record. When a change takes place, each user should enter a Journal entry to further describe the reason for the change. You can even upload a document in the Journal entries, such as, a qualifying event change form or an email with the requested change.
  2. Consolidated Enrollment Form – When you make a change to the employee’s record and the employee needs to see documentation of the change, you can easily save a new Consolidated Enrollment Form to their File Cabinet. This will allow the employee when they log into THEbenefitsHUB to view their updated benefits in their own File Cabinet.


To learn more about documenting in THEbenefitsHUB, you may visit the Training Guide located under your Administration Dashboard or contact your Account Representative.

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