3 Ways to Find Out If an Export File Has Been Sent

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There are various ways to determine if an export file has been sent to the corresponding carrier in THEbenefitsHUB.  Below are three ways to determine if an export file has been sent utilizing your Administration Dashboard:

Export Summary:  This is where you can view the export names, the first production file date, the last scheduled date the file runs (if applicable), the schedule name, and the run frequency.

EDI File/Viewer:  On this page, you may view the different exports that are currently being sent for your company, and you can also view any past years’ exports.

File History:  You can get to this page via either the Export Summary or the EDI File/Viewer.  This page will show you each time a file runs including the schedule of the export.  You can also view past files sent under that schedule, and you may also view the type of export file.  For example, if Benefits Technology is in testing with a carrier, you may see the status as “Testing.”

If you ever need to know if an employee was sent on an export file, contact your Account Representative, and they will find out the answer for you!

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