5 Plan Configurations You Didn’t Know You Had Access To in THEbenefitsHUB


There are times when you need to find out how a plan is setup in THEbenefitsHUB and wished there was a way for you to view this information.  Well, there is!  You have access to all aspects of the plan configurations including:

General Information:  This includes the plan name, the carrier, the enrollment permissions, and the tax election type.

Coverage Information:  This field could offer various information depending on the type of plan that is setup in THEbenefitsHUB which could include Dependent Coverage; Coverage Incremented Amounts; Rounding Rules; New Hire Guaranteed Issue Amounts, Open Enrollment Issue Amounts, Auto Increase Amounts, and other features.

Rates:  The rates will display either the different rates for each tier built in THEbenefitsHUB or how the rates are offered per age bracket.

Reduction Schedule:  If there is a reduction schedule, it will display what age the reduction begins and how much their coverage reduces by percentage.

Eligibility Information:  This field includes the employee’s waiting period, any contingency rules (for example, if the employee must be enrolled in Voluntary Life in order to elect Spouse Voluntary Life), minimum hours to be eligible for the benefit, and who is eligible by classification and status.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your Account Representative.

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