How to Manage Your Company’s Information Securely


When you have to send sensitive information to your broker or Account Representative, do those secure emails annoy you?  Well, we agree with you, so that’s why we created your very own FTP File Access inside THEbenefitsHUB.  FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, where you can receive, deliver, and manage all of your company’s data in one easy to use tool.  You can:

  • Upload reports and spreadsheets
  • Add and edit folders to your liking
  • Delete files that no longer apply
  • Search for files that are stored to your FTP site.

From now on, don’t worry about those secure emails.  You can upload your company’s information to your FTP site and a few moments later your broker and Account Representative will receive your information.


To learn more about the FTP File Access, you may visit the Training Guide located on your Administration Dashboard or contact your Account Representative.

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