allsynx Top 10 Moments of The Decade

As this decade ends, we can reflect on all of the big changes things that have happened over the years. These changes have helped THEbenefitsHUB become a great asset for you, our clients, in achieving your Benefits Administration goals. We’ve compiled this list of some of our favorite moments from the decade. Which of these do you remember the most?

  • Purchased THEbenefitsHUB Code

This moment helped make everything else we did this decade possible. By purchasing the rights to the software, we were able to start work on making the various updates through the years to keep improving the system to meet your needs.

  • Automated Release Testing

As with everything that we do, we want to make sure that what we are releasing works perfectly. In the past, we’ve had to spend the time manually testing each feature. As we increase our testing automation, it allows us to shorten our release timeline and make more updates to system functionality.

  • allsynx Created

The creation of allsynx allows us to better meet your needs as our clients and ensure the best technical experience for all users of THEbenefitsHUB. We’re excited to see what the future holds for us alltogether.

  • Designated allsynx Teams

This one has been a client favorite! We took down the individual silo teams in order to refocus teams to better communicate, work effectively, and efficiently. The best part? It’s the same great level of customer support that you expect with the added bonus of knowing who is on your allsynx team to help.

  • Training Is Your Friend

Just like pop-ups being your friend, our LEARNsynx system training is here for you. We have made the transition during the past decade from hosted webinars to having our entire training library available for you 24/7. There’s a wide variety of information at your fingertips for getting used to the system, this blog included!

  • Release of Quick Reports

Our Standard Reports are a well-loved feature, but perhaps not nearly as much as our Quick Reports. This release may have happened early in the decade, but it’s effect on our clients is hard to ignore. There is so much information that these reports provide, and they provide it all as quick as a flash!

  • Milestone Alert: Exceeded 500 Texas Educators

Texas Educators, this one is for you. Thank you for choosing us as your Benefits Administration partner over the years.

  • Carrier Direct Business Started

One of the memorable moments of the decade was starting the Carrier Direct Business. This means that carriers such as Aetna and OneAmerica are able to utilize our system for their administration needs.

  • THExpressHUB is Released

THExpressHUB is very similar to THEbenefitsHUB with one major distinction, it allows us to implement new groups crazy fast. Smaller groups can utilize this platform in order to have their benefits administration site up and running in as little as 72 hours after benefit decisions are made.

  • Milestone Alert: 10,000 Exports

Exporting elections to carriers is one of the ways we help you to become the hero of your group. We take out the worry and frustration of dealing with paper applications and instead utilize the elections being made by your employees in the system and send them directly to the carriers that need them. It’s one big sigh of relief for everyone!

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