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Are you new to THEbenefitsHUB and wished there was a way to practice in the system?  Well, you are just in luck.  You can enter a test employee to get more familiar with THEbenefitsHUB or to troubleshoot a situation one of your employees may have come across.  When entering in a test employee, however, you must follow three simple rules so you do not send are testing scenario over to the carriers.

  • Rule #1: The last name must be “Test.”
  • Rule #2: The Social Security Number must be less than 100 – meaning seven “0’s” and then two digits, for example, 000-00-0025.
  • Rule #3: They must be marked as a test employee.  Remember if you forget to mark them as a test employee, you may go to the employee’s Status page to update this field.

Once you have completed your practice and your test employee is no longer needed, contact your Account Representative, and they will be able to remove the test employee from the system.

To learn more about entering a test employee into THEbenefitsHUB , you may visit the Training Guide located on your Administration Dashboard or contact your Account Representative.

Benny HUBster

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