Staying Motivated When Working from Home

For lots of people, remote working is nothing new. On the other hand, for some, remote working can become lonely and uninteresting at times. Finding the motivation to sit at your desk and focus while you’re at home surrounded by distractions can be utterly difficult.

Throughout the changes happening all over the world today, many people are converting to a much safer at-home work environment. Below are some tips I have found more than helpful while working from home.

  1. Wake Up and Start Your Day

When working from home you may find that you enjoy staying in bed those few extra hours able to just get up and waltz over to your desk. The problem with this can be it causes you to start your day less productively. When working from home you need to find ways to start your morning off putting you in the work mindset. A few things that will help start your day off right is waking up an hour before your workday starts, eating a healthy breakfast and getting dressed out of your pajamas.

  1. Have Your Work Space

Now that you are ready to start your day you need to find a spot free of distractions. A major part of working from home is ensuring a spot for you, a work room for only work. I myself sometimes move my workspace to outside if the weather is nice. This is not my permanent working space, but on a pretty day it’s a nice change!

  1. Make a Schedule

For some people, moving from an office space to an extra bedroom in your house can be a difficult change. One way to make the change as minimal as possible would be to have a set schedule as many people do at work. As I said above, a great schedule starts with getting up a set time every day. You may also consider breaks, which are a great way to set your mind free for a few minutes. You also should never forget to take your lunch, if your anything like me, you can’t work to your full potential on an empty stomach! When you start off this new routine it may be best to have your schedule in a notebook written down or kept on your computer.

  1. End Your Day on Time

When working from home it is quite possible to catch yourself in a workflow, which could be difficult to end. People often end up in what I like to call a rabbit hole, getting so invested into something you just don’t want to stop before you are finished. A major risk with this is that in the long run, you may end up burning yourself out. Remember, whatever it is you’re working on will be there tomorrow for your fresh eyes in the morning.

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