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New Hire Outside of Open Enrollment – Employee Walkthrough

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This article is designed to show each step of what your New Hires will see when they walk through THEbenefitsHUB outside of Open Enrollment.

Please note that there will be differences in the walkthrough for New Hires logging in during Open Enrollment, and for when future plans have already been built into the system. See the links below for articles on each of these situations:

New Hire Inside Open Enrollment – Employee Walkthrough

New Hire Outside Open Enrollment with Future Plans Built – Employee Walkthrough


Login Page

When your New Hire is ready to log into THEbenefitsHUB for the very first time, they will access your company’s login page. Here they will follow the directions on the left side of the screen to log in with their assigned username and temporary password. Once their credentials are entered, they will click the Login button.

Note that the username and password directions shown in the image above may differ from those for your company. Your employees should always follow the directions on your company’s login page.

You can find more details on this page in the Login Page (Employees) article.


Change Password

For security purposes, when a New Hire logs into THEbenefitsHUB for the first time, they will be prompted to change their password. When choosing a new password, THEbenefitsHUB has some specific requirements which must be followed. These specifications are listed on the Change Password screen, as shown in the image below. Once the new password is entered, the employee should click the Save & Continue button to move to the next page.

System Acknowledgments and Company Acknowledgments

The employee will then be brought to the System and Company Acknowledgements pages, which contain acknowledgments that the employee will need to accept as a user of THEbenefitsHUB along with HR or benefits-related acknowledgments, respectively. To learn more about the Acknowledgments pages, refer to the Acknowledgments article.

The image below shows a partial image of the System Acknowledgments page, including a ‘checked’ acknowledgment.


Personal Information

On the next page, the New Hire will see the personal information that is already a part of their THEbenefitsHUB Profile Page. On this page, the employee can add or update any information as needed, including changing their marital status should they have any dependents that may need benefits. To learn more about this page, refer to the Personal Information article.


Dependent Information

Once the Personal Information page is updated and an Emergency Contact is set (if this feature is turned on for your company), it’s time to add dependents, which can be done on the Dependent Information page. To learn more about this page, refer to the Dependent Information article.

Enrollment Preparation Page

Following the Dependent Information page, New Hires may see the Enrollment Preparation Page before they begin electing their benefits. This will typically only happen if your company has any fully-employer-paid benefits in which the employee should be automatically enrolled, such as Basic Life. The employee can review those plans and select the Begin Enrollment button to begin electing their benefits.


Benefit Election Pages

Next, the employee can begin making their benefit elections for each benefit type, as they will be able to see all of their plans for the year. In the example of the Medical plan below, Benny has elected Option 2 for himself, his spouse, and his child.

Evidence of Insurability

If the employee elected benefits over the Guaranteed Issue amount, they will be brought to the Evidence of Insurability page once all benefits have been walked through. This page allows the employee to print out the Evidence of Insurability form to complete. To learn more about this page, refer to the Evidence of Insurability article.

Adding Beneficiaries

Once the employee has finished enrolling in benefits, they can then add their beneficiaries in a two-step process that includes deciding on the beneficiaries and making designations. To learn more about this process, refer to the Beneficiaries article.


Consolidated Enrollment Form

On the next page, the employee will see the Consolidated Enrollment Form page, which will show them the elections they have made for their New Hire walkthrough for the current plan year.

Employees will be presented with this version of the Consolidated Enrollment Form page once they have completed all available enrollments. Once the employee sees this Congratulations message, the employee will be marked as Completed. However, if they walk through their benefits again, they will be reset to Incomplete until they arrive back at this page.

From this page, the employee can print this information, go back to the main menu, or go back through their enrollment walkthrough. They can also email a link to themselves to log back into THEbenefitsHUB to view their elections in the future. To learn more about this page, see the Consolidated Enrollment Form article.

At this point, the New Hire’s walkthrough is complete, and their benefits for the current plan year will go into effect on the date shown on the Consolidated Enrollment Form. They will still be able to make changes to their and their dependents’ profiles via THEbenefitsHUB Employee Menu.

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