Transitioning to Online Learning

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have been moving their resources online in order to cope with these unprecedented times. Allsynx had already been utilizing an online learning base, but we have been taking even more new steps to accommodate for all kinds of learning.

Providing a Variety of Materials

Now this tip takes time to implement, as my team has been learning. While normally we would have one video and a word document to make up a class, we are working to create a variety of graphics and additional videos to supplement the topic. Through making these aids we have been able to discover different uses both internally within our company and externally for our clients.

Insisting on Structure

Making the switch to e-learning gives you the opportunity to implement structure behind your training process. Be sure to set clear expectations as your company goes through this transition so everyone is aware of what is expected of them. Whether it’s expecting an email or post from your new hires to cover what they did that day or making it policy to complete a certain amount training module each day with a check-in at the end of the week, these expectations will help you along the way.

Using Available Tools

Utilizing the resources available to you can be extremely useful when transferring your training online. Whether it be blogs, discussion boards, wikis or anything else you have at your disposal, find ways to incorporate those tools into your training to keep everything clear and concise. As you dive into this experience, take it slow and find what vibes best with your company. Keeping your learners engaged is the most important part of this.


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