12 Days of Christmas – Tip #7


As you may know HUB University hosts many types of webinars, such as, Monthly Webinars, Study Hall Webinars, and Enhancement Release Webinars through the year. As we wrap up 2016, we decided to release our entire webinar schedule for 2017 now! Check out the Upcoming Webinars page by clicking on the link below or by clicking on the menu option, Upcoming Webinars to view these topics and register for as many webinars you would like for 2017.  These webinars are complimentary to all THEbenefitsHUB users throughout the year and 24/7 access to the recordings within the system.  If you ever have any ideas or suggestions for a new webinar topic, let us know by clicking on the Contact Us link in the menu above.

Upcoming Webinars

Enhancement Release Webinars will be announced closer to the system release, so make sure you check out this page throughout the year to stay informed!

To learn more about our webinars, you may visit the Training Guide located under your Administration Dashboard or contact your Account Representative or Implementer.

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