New Feature: Manage Product Wording

Have you heard the great news? We recently released a very exciting feature in THEbenefitsHUB that allows you to manage the wording that appears on the benefit enrollment page!

Manage Product Wording 

This update not only revamped the look and feel of the benefit pages, but it also added in new functionality for Broker and Administrator Users with the addition of the Manage Product Wording page. It allows you to add in your own additional set of wording in addition to the carrier wording that appears on the benefit enrollment pages!

Administrators are able to add in their own set of wording at the company level for employees to see. Brokers have the ability to do the same in their own broker section of the page. Your allsynx team will notify you when this feature is available for your group. Until then, check out the Training Guide in THEbenefitsHUB to learn more!

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