Weekly HUB University Webinars

Are you new to THEbenefitsHUB and need to learn not only how the system works, but how to utilize best for your company?  HUB University’s very first enhancement was our Weekly webinars.  During these webinars, we take you through the life of our company mascot, Benny HUBster.  In this three part series, you not only learn about Benny’s first day at HUB University, major life events with his child’s birth, and even process his resignation from HUB University.  Along with Benny’s story, you are shown how to utilize many of the features in THEbenefitsHUB and how to make administering your company’s benefits even easier for you.  Even if you aren’t new to THEbenefitsHUB, we encourage all users to have a refresher now and again.  These webinars are hosted every week except on any major holiday.  We can’t wait to talk to you then!

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