Setting Up Your Customized Forms Library


Did you know that you have your very own Forms Library in THEbenefitsHUB?  The Forms Library allows you to manage your company’s documents with more ease. You may wonder why wouldn’t you just store all of your documents on the Employee Benefits Portal. Well, you may have a few forms that are a bit more internal, such as, a Qualifying Event change form, an address change form, or a company announcement. With the Forms Library, you have full control over what is uploaded, edited, and removed from THEbenefitsHUB. Once the document has been uploaded from the administrator level all employees in your company will then have access it. Even if you update the document, you don’t have to worry about sending it out again. Once it’s updated, it is automatically updated for all of your employees.


To learn more about the Forms Library, you may visit the Training Guide located on your Administration Dashboard or contact your Account Representative.

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